Caged (demo version)

These are my darkest clouds
They sold my heart in fear
To what i hade my share
Left of my dreams
To burn ideas that are along this place
Somehwere i never feared
What would it be as you would stayed
Your heart never and never say

You told my soul
He'll die of fear
No one is left for you here
He sold my soul
Laugh in your face
You have lost all your grace

He sold my chosen tingle
Haven't you learned anything
Could it be there's a lonely place that i am within
Between it all,
My lost of fears,
Could it be just never here
Could it be another place
Somewhere i will find your trace

You sold my soul
You'll die of grace
No one is left in this place
He told my virtue
Laught in your face
You have lost all your grace

Somewhile i hear you
After a will i see you
No one there to cover
He sold my virtue
Sold my heart, ???
(lost favor) my heart is
Your heart lies hard to my dreams